Between Gentlemen & Bloody Hooligans

10 Sep

(Originally posted by MELAYU LAMA at on June 22 2008)

UMNO and BN are devolving more and more each day. Today, The Sunday Star carried a story about ACA DG sayin that investigations on SAPP President Yong Teck Lee is not politically motivated. Is it? hahahaha…. the whole shit stinks to high heaven!!!! Read about it at

Let’s recap on recent events. Yong Teck Lee calls for a vote of no confidence in PM Bodoh-we’s leadership and he gets slapped with corruption investigations. Sanussi Junid quits UMNO and is removed as IIU President. Lee Kah Choon accepts a post to contribute his services in Penangand ends up leaving Gerakan. The list goes on and on…..
There are even those who even anticipate action for going against UMNO/BN or working together with PR. Read it at

What is interesting to note is that this hooligan-ish behavior and intimidation seem to be coming from UMNO and BN. Perhaps PR does that to their own too but hey, they don’t get mainstream media coverage so what goes on in their camps seem to be a private affair. UMNO and BN need only blame themselves for their own stupidity there.

Interesting to note is that on top of working with (now has been) BN reps and ex-reps, PR has been kind enough to let Rosmah remain as Chancellor of Unisel.

If it was the other way around I’m pretty sure the person would’ve been axed without giving it a second thought.

I guess when it comes to this PR is more “gentleman” about it by at least allowing the BN person (and/or their spouses) the complete their term. What they did to Sanussi was arrogant, rude and not abiding by the contract by which Sanussi was appointed.

Keep it up UMNO and BN…. people see more and moe of your true colours each day and most of the time it’s not even PR that exposes it, it is you yourselves who do it.

PS : The PR Govt should also remove the VC, Registrar etc –  associated with UMNO & BN.


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