UNISEL Oh! UNISEL… Dari Kaca Mata Bekas Pensyarah

7 Jul



Lately UNISEL is again in the spotlight (
It started with the non-continuation (in other words – sacking) of its 4th VC, Datuk Dr Razali Agus. I read in the online news about it last week, when I was still in HCMC.
A couple of days ago somebody introduced me to the KPPR’s website where a few postings are specially dedicated to UNISEL.
After reading all the postings, I have to agree with most of them (not all). Why am I so interested in UNISEL’s affair? It’s because I was once a lecturer there (from 2001 until 2005). I know what the staff there are facing. I left UNISEL partly because the main campus had moved to Bistari Jaya, and partly due to some frustration on the condition there ( There are many dedicated and abled lecturers there, but at the same time (just like in most establishments) there are some who are just interested to manipulate things/situation for their own benefits, without much thoughts of other people’s welfare (
Unlike most establishments, the politicking and manipulation can be really really “outstanding”!
Ever since I left UNISEL (in Sept 2005, to be exact), I’ve been following its development/news from afar. I As late as early 2007 (or was it late 2006), I was still teaching on a part-time basis at the Shah Alam campus. (Many times, former officemates asked me why didn’t I come back to UNISEL, and each time I’d say that I am happy as I am now.) Most of the stories that I heard all these while were not so good, especially on the manipulations done by the very top management (parent company, shareholders, etc).
I am still waiting for some good news to come to UNISEL. There are many good employees who are still patiently waiting for some good news. And there are students whose parents alike have high hopes on UNISEL. UNISEL has produced many excellent graduates (some of them whom I taught are still in touch with me). For the sake of all these paying students, I really hope that UNISEL long saga will end soon.
As for me, I am praying from a distance for the new state government to finally do something (and something right) for UNISEL – get rid of those bad apples, and let UNISEL prosper as it should.
Good luck, UNISEL!


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